Thursday, September 16, 2004

Busy Squirrel

Okay, now that the 'blog mute' stuff is out in the open, I must take a moment to explain my absence from the 'blogosphere'.

This squirrel is busy! I am the Interlibrary Loan supervisor at my library, and we signed on to beta test some new spiffy interlibrary loan software as part of our provincial consortium. This means a lot of telephone conference calls and web conference calls (I have never been in on a conference call before this started - I got so dazzled that I even dressed up for the first one - Cosmopolitan Squirrel), and a lot of scurrying around in between.

We have also started our fall season of computer classes for the public, which is keeping me hopping. Staff from my department volunteer to teach the classes, but I oversee the whole thing. So, if the headphones don't work or if someone doesn't know how to set everything up in the lab, off I go to troubleshoot (Ha. Me as a troubleshooter. That always makes me split a gut. I'm about as techie as homemade yoghurt.)

Not to mention the 3 brand new computer classes we are developing for October. One is the blogging for teens class, and two are my little library research brainchild. I designed a computer program series for teens called "Improve Your Grades @ the Library", with subject streams. In October, we are going to run two separate programs in this series: "Improve Your HISTORY Grades..." and "Improve Your LITERATURE Grades..." I'm hoping someone signs up. You never know with young adults.

In other news, we have new staff in ILL, and one of my other employees just took a term position in a different department. Training, communicating, and creating posting jobs is keeping things exciting.

What else am I doing? Writing a proposal to create an 'Elder in Residence' position in our library system (we serve a high aboriginal population), running and reporting on three separate database trials, getting all my yoghurt in a row learning how to do HTML web design, signing up for management seminars on 'performance management'! And I have to drop all these exciting things on the dot of 5:00, so I can get home to the Sprout for our little domestic adventures.

It's all too exciting. But means I'm often a 'blog mute'. Sigh.


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