Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Cyber Luddite

Hmm. Today I am thinking that with enough time and nurturing, this cyber luddite could possibly become quasi-functional in the Internet world. Last night I was complaining about HTML coding, and Jim said, "If you don't know HTML yet, and you have Dreamweaver on your desktop, why don't you simply take this opportunity to learn Dreamweaver in the first place?" Clever, clever Jim squirrel.

I have 'learn Dreamweaver' on my lengthy to-do list anyway, and I always need a project to get me going. This should do it. We're trying to overhaul completely (almost said "to completely overhaul", which would, of course, be a split infinitive - if I'm a luddite, at least I'm a grammatically-correct one)

ahem... we're trying to overhaul completely our Internet Resources pages, and we are thinking of going for more narrow topics with a focus on local resources and on questions that people ask us a lot. For example, I am working on a web page right now called "Buying and Selling a Vehicle", where I can profile the popular Lemon Aid consumer car guides, mention the Canadian Red Book of Car Prices, talk about where to advertise a car for sale/look for a car to buy locally, etc. It's exciting to create these guides, but doing it in basic HTML is going to make me chew off my paw. So, I can do this and learn Dreamweaver at the same time. How clever.

By the way, I'm not alone. Google retrieves 60 hits for "cyber luddite" and 573 hits for "cyberluddite".


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