Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sprout in the Summer. Posted by Hello


Blogger Gwen said...

Success! Needed Jim's help, of course, because I have not used the scanner at home very often, but I think I could do it again. Am happy that Schwester has taken the digital camera to furniture design school so I can see her projects, but it's too bad I didn't start posting photos when we still had it! I can make the scanner work for me, though. Now my new goal is to learn to shrink scanned photos better, so they don't turn out as fuzzy online as these ones are.

9:13 am  
Blogger argotnaut said...

I thought maybe you were just avoiding pictures so as to not encourage Internet weirdos who . . . I dunno, look at people's pictures, or somethin'.

I must say, these pictures make me almost think about producing one of those critters.

But then, I have also been meaning to comment on your barf entry -- my mom says I always laughed maniacally (sp?) after barfing. And I did it A LOT.

12:47 am  

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