Friday, January 07, 2005

Another Blogging Class

T. and I are teaching a class on 'how to blog' on Tuesday morning. Last season (Fall), we ran this class on a Saturday for teens, and no one signed up so we had to cancel it. This time it's in the morning, and targeted at adults: the class is full. I'm very excited. We have created a new blog and put our class notes in it, so we can use it as an illustrative outline. It should be really fun.

The students will, of course, ask us questions we can't answer, but we might be able to start them off and then they can figure out the rest as they go along. I used to hate public speaking, especially because of the likely possibility that someone would ask you a question that you aren't prepared for. Working on the reference desk makes you really good at coping in the face of a subject that you don't know a lot about, though, so I've lost my stage-fright to a great extent. Should be fun.


Blogger Carmi said...

I wish the library here in sleepy London would contemplate a similar course. I suspect the demand is there, as everyone I speak with these days seems to want to know everything about "this blog thing."

Best of luck with the course. Wish I could be there!

7:59 am  

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