Thursday, December 30, 2004

Found Poetry?

If you work in a library, you know that there are always little bits of paper left around that need to be cleaned up, and these bits of paper have writing on them. Usually, the scrap will say "F UHR Driving Miss Daisy" because someone is looking for a book. Or the scrap will have an e-mail address on it, or it will be a 'to do' list ("buy milk, get book from library").

Today's scrap cleanup revealed this gem:

"I'd rather have a dreams betty than a nightmare ralph. Nightmare ralphs only come from a night of hard drinking."


Blogger Eileen said...

Fabulous. Perhaps it's an excerpt from one of your books?

Reminds me of something I heard recently. Over a few glasses of wine, one of my classmates pronounced, "An apartment isn't really home until you've puked in it." I think that's when I started to think Karen* might be more interesting than she appeared.

*not her real name

12:50 pm  
Blogger Liddy said...

I've also found quite a few interesting notes and scraps inside books donated to our library. Among them have been photos of a kitchen with the cabinets painted like famous architectural wonders, train passes from the 1960's, and prayer cards from who knows when. Always an adventure to dive into our backlog!

2:41 pm  

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