Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Son, the Comedian

Sprout comes to Church with me every week, and I regularly take him with me when I go for communion. A number of weeks ago, we were sitting at home and he had a bowl of dry Cheerios. He turned to me, gave me a Cheerio, and in a breathy, solemn voice said, "Amen."

I thought this was so funny that I told the story to a bunch of people, and Sprout heard me tell it a few times. The next time he did it looked like this: I gave him a sippy cup of juice, he took a slug, handed it back to me, and said "Amen" loudly with a big you-know-what-kind-of grin on his face. It was funny, again, but not as funny as the first time. Since then, he occasionally barks it at me after he has a drink, "Amen", "Amen", and then stares at me (grinning) and waits for me to guffaw. He is, of course, puzzled as to why I don't roll on the ground when he does it, since I get such laughs from other people when I tell the story.

I'll say it again: babies are hilarious.


Blogger Alicia said...

that is too funny.

8:34 pm  
Blogger liz said...

I think I recall the correct parental response being something like, "First time is funny, second time is silly, third time's a spanking."

(Was that from Ramona?)

5:35 pm  
Blogger liz said...

Not that I agree with the spanking part!

5:35 pm  

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