Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I Love Seniors

The other day, I crashed a 'Saskatoon Seniors for Continued Learning' meeting that was being held at the Library, to try to get more people to register for my beginners computer class for seniors that was being held the next day. I used to work in the Library's department that serves seniors, and seniors are the most hilarious people you'll ever meet. They're funny, spunky, busy, and smart. Here's what I heard after the meeting the other day, while I was trying to register people:

"Friday morning? A Friday morning class doesn't work for me. Friday's my skating day. Can't miss skating."

"Don't ever let my children know that I had the opportunity to learn about computers, and I passed it up."

"I know the beginning stuff about computers. Why doesn't the Library run advanced classes?"

"You guys only do programs about using PCs. Can you run some programs on Macs, since I have a Mac at home?"

I got five recruits, which made me happy, and there are no better students than people attending a 'continued learning' meeting. They're solid. They're determined. And they laugh at my jokes. It's all good.


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