Monday, June 20, 2005

Deck Building Project Day 1: I'm the Rhoda

Today is the first day of our holidays to build a deck and fence in the back yard, and I've spent the morning being the Rhoda (as in 'Mary Tyler Moore').

Jim rented a gas-powered post-hole digger, and has been drilling big holes all over the yard for the fence and the deck supports. He's the star with the big drill. And me? I spent the first two hours answering questions like "Honey, would you please go buy me some cigarettes?" and "I'd work way better if you popped off to the Mayfair Bakery for some chocolate croissants, and made some more coffee?"

Not that it's bad to be the Rhoda. I'm very good at it actually. After all the shopping, I've finally gotten down to hand-digging the holes after the big digger comes out (you have to tidy them up afterward). It feels great to flex all my muscles in the sun. (I may be the Rhoda, but I think I'm cuter too.)


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