Saturday, June 11, 2005

Los Patrones

I don't usually ref-grunt on my blog, but I must say that I love the code names that we have for some library patrons around here. My current favourite: "Harry Potter Gone Wrong". This is the code name for a young extremely androgynous person who uses the Internet computers, who looks like H.P.

The "Moon Lady" doesn't come here anymore (possibly deceased?), and I haven't seen "Lemur Boy" for quite a while (he used to train his big, lonely, staring eyes on some of our young female shelvers)(one can only hope he fell in love). We still get the occasional visit from "Mr. Personality", who claims to be a canonical lawyer and likes to get you to do research on questions like "Do you have any legal information/municipal regulations on how to take old City buses and use them to farm mushrooms in?" Our old friend, "Mr. Plate Techtonics" may have started taking his medication because he's rarely really annoying, and "The Guy that Fights with His Shoes" hasn't been in for a really long time.

A recent e-mail from a colleague makes me think that "Harry Potter Gone Wrong" might be a girl, since she was staring lovingly at "Internet Dwayne" for long periods and he's known for flirting with most females. I'm still not completely sure on the gender though.

In other news, we just got telephone headsets on the reference desk, for ergonomic reasons. They are fantastic. I can give good library service, not get telephone-while-typing neck, and pretend I'm an air traffic controller, all at the same time.

That's my report from a fairly busy Saturday on the reference desk.


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