Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stat Counter Fun

I have been having some of the fun that others occasionally mention, by looking at who visits my blog and how they get there, using a stat counter. The weirdest search engine string that got someone here was 'green pepper architectural [something]' (damn, I forgot the last word - it was a few weeks ago). 'Elephantine breast' was another string someone used today or yesterday to get here. Ick?

The most common words used to find my site are 'squirrel' strings, of course. Today, it was 'squirrel drinking out of a straw', and earlier this week it was 'graduating squirrel'. Every few days someone searches for the string 'dancing squirrel', and finds me. It took me a long while to figure out that maybe it was the same person each time, using a convenient string of search terms to get here on purpose for a good read about life in Saskatchewan. I was starting to wonder how many people are aching to know about dancing squirrels!

This stat counter thing is excellent fun.


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