Thursday, May 26, 2005

Woad Twip!

The other Gwen and I are going on a road trip this weekend, leaving the fellas behind. We're going to La Ronge, which is a five-hour drive north into the bush. I've never been to La Ronge, but we know a librarian who works up there, and it sounds like an interesting place.

The La Ronge Public Library is part of the PNLS Library System (don't ask me to pronounce the full name). PNLS is interesting because of the vast geographical area it covers, with communities spread out in it, because Dene and Cree are used more by the local people than English, and because they set it up as an integral partnership between school libraries and public libraries. I'm interested in seeing how that works.

I'm also interested in sitting by the lake drinking a beer or two. And eating fresh pickerel. And visiting my squirrel cousins! Yay, squirrels! Oh, and mosquitos and black flies...(and bears?!)

I think Sprout suspects that something is afoot. He was very clingy this morning, after he heard me mention the trip to Auntie Bean on the phone. "Where we going, Mama?" He and Jim have a great weekend planned, though, so I'm sure he'll adjust. Our road trip happens to fall on the same weekend as the neighbourhood's spring fair, READ Saskatoon's wind-up picnic, a wedding shower for two people at work, a 50th birthday party for someone else, and good old swimming lessons. He'll miss me, but only in between parties.

The two Gwens on a road trip always makes for a great time. I may not be able to tell you all about it when we get back, though; there is often a 'cone of silence' that rests over the remains of a trip like that.

I'm sure you understand.


Blogger liz said...

What happens in Pahkisimon Nuye?áh stays in Pahkisimon Nuye?áh. I can see that.

(Not unlike the annual Association for Women in Psychology conferences, come to think of it.)

5:23 pm  

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