Monday, June 20, 2005

Floyd's Index

'Floyd' is the persona that Jim becomes whenever he builds things, goes fishing, or sits by a campfire with my sister and a lot of beer. In honour of this year's reno project, and with a nod to Harper's, here's what things look like.

Floyd's Index

Number of post holes dug: 18
Percentage of post holes that immediately filled up with water due to the heavy rains we've been getting: 50
Ratio of blisters incurred by today's efforts to number of people working on the project: 1:1
Number of neighbours with whom we chatted about the project today: 7
Number of neighbours who gave us advice on the project: 3
Amount of time, in minutes, that it took to get money, navigate road construction, and buy croissants: 45
Percentage of chocolate croissants that were eaten within 5 minutes of arriving at the house: 100
Today's temperature high in sunny Saskatoon (celcius): 24
Number of times "You're the Mary" or "You're the Rhoda" or "I'm the Mary" or "I'm the Rhoda" were said today: 38+
Number of squirrels who are too stupid to wear sunscreen on this project: 2
Number of squirrels who have sunburns due to being too cute to dress properly: 1
Days left until Floyd turns 50: 5


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