Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Monday was my day off, since I work this Saturday coming up. I love the prospect of a day off ahead of me.

My big plan for Monday was to quickly weed the garden, and then move on to other things. Hah.

When Beans and Jim rototilled the whole back yard to lay new turf, they chopped every piece of crabgrass in the ground into 40 tiny pieces and spread them all over. And now all those tiny pieces are sprouting. I weeded the garden for 6 hours (with intermittent breaks where I whined on the phone to my sister about it), and only got it half-done.

I am one of those picky weeders. I figure that if I do it really well once or twice, then I won't have to do it very often after that. This means that I can do about four square feet of garden per hour.

It was self-imposed hell, on the most beautiful day we've had in a while. What a fool am I. And what a crabby fool I was that day.

Of course that part of the garden does look awesome now.


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