Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm a Fool for Hot Water Heat

The last place we lived in before we bought this house had hot water heat - cozy radiators in every room, no dust blowing around through forced air registers. It was wonderful. Once you've had hot water heat, you never quite forget.

Last night I was pursuing one of my regular hobbies, which is watching real estate websites to see what houses are for sale in Saskatoon. There's a house north of here for sale - and guess what - hot water heat. Jim and I had a good laugh at me, because there were a number of problems with the house that we'd go broke fixing, but somehow I glossed over them all for a few minutes staring at the radiators. Somehow, I didn't notice things like 'why are there no pictures of the bathrooms?' or, more disturbing still, 'why, oh why, is the wall in the mudroom convex??' Even 'why is there no photo of the house exterior as a whole?' suddenly erased itself from my memory. My faith in hot water heat eclipsed all of it.

Aside from this good snooping, my life is very dull lately. I am very dull.

I still haven't hit on a hobby that engages me completely. I flirted with making greeting cards for a while, but that was not a lasting love. I haven't picked it up for weeks. Although I may still do a series of cards about 'what our pets do when they're alone'. We're convinced that Jack the cat sits on the couch with the phone and makes 1-900 calls when we're out. He's got a bit of the rag-tag about him, if you know what I mean...


Blogger Sarah the Hutt said...

My latest hobby is taking on insanely difficult knitting projects and trying to save Gambella refugees. Never dull, but definitely way too busy now.

12:03 am  

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