Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hack, keff... and sploosh!

Earlier today...

It is a bright and shiny morning here in Saskatoon, and my dear husband is up in the filthy, dusty attic crawl space of our house de-electrifying the garage. I can slowly feel the house filling with dust.

I have a - I was going to say 'unnatural fear', but I think it's justified to say - a very healthy fear of electricity and electrical wiring. And so I sit in the house, calling up to the crawl space every so many minutes, to make sure my life partner hasn't fried himself quietly.

And more from later this afternoon...

(Happy news - husband still breathes life after working with electrical.)

I am now ground-in-dirt filthy myself, from another four hours of heat stripping followed by sanding with the orbital sander. In addition, Jim went out and bought me a few pieces of siding from the cedar lumber store, and we replaced a few boards that really were at the end of their lives. I'm hating this job a lot, but Jim is being very supportive by cheering me on and bestowing on me many fine compliments. As squirrel-spouse says, "You are doing an exceptional job, as usual." Nothing works on me like a well-placed compliment.

Just got rained out 20 minutes before the end of the sanding. Hoping to finish that tomorrow morning and then I can move on to the caulking and crack-filling.

And this new twist on our holiday. The toilet flooded the bathroom twice today. The water is coming out of the water closet with the occasional flush, so at least it's a clean flood, but it's hard to pinpoint the problem. Am afraid to flush now. Jim thinks that he can fix the part that's occasionally not working, but I'm already thinking water-efficient toilet upgrade.

Perhaps tomorrow some toilet shopping, in between dreary house painting?? Squirrels love shopping of any kind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should go with a dual flush toilet..more efficient..saw them at a local store this morning (had them all over when I was in Iceland)(..not to mention the A&W on the way to Regina)..if you don't know about them..they have 2 flush options --one flush button uses 3 litres --other flush button uses 6 litres (approx)..yes, the new home owner (who doesn't even have possession yet), has gone house renovation crazy already, with many plans that exceed cash flow...jem

10:04 pm  
Blogger Eileen said...

Congrats are in order for the pristine, new, dual-flush shitter. Good job, bobos!

auntie beans

9:20 pm  
Blogger Carmi said...

Should we be worried that it's been a week since you wrote this? Has the old toilet flooded you out of house and home? Did the orbital sander have anything to do with it?

Hope all is well and you're both OK.

4:12 pm  

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