Saturday, March 03, 2007

Monkey's Potty

Sprout is pretty good at using the grown-up toilet these days, and I would like to get rid of the training potty. Sprout knows this, but there is always a reason why we can't do it right now. The current problem is that the little training potty is not only Sprout's potty, it is Monkey's potty. Who is Monkey, you ask? Monkey is Sprout's little blue stuffed animal and sleep companion.

This, earlier today:

Sprout: We could give dat potty away, but dat is Monkey's potty.

Me: Maybe we could teach Monkey to use the big potty.

Sprout: Monkey can't use dat big potty because he might fall in because he never grows.

Me: Uh, you're right. What if we got Monkey a diaper he could wear?

Sprout: Monkey doesn't pee in his pants at night. He stays dry.

It's a logic hurricane. And I'm not winning.


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