Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Springtime Melt

It is melting like wild around here (except for snowy today), and on Sunday, Sprout went through four pairs of mittens and about six pairs of pants playing outside.

At some point, he had shed his mittens and was standing in a deep snowbank sawing the snow for a while. Then he was gamboling around happily doing this and that. I asked him, "Your hands are pretty red. Do you need mittens? They look cold."

He stared at me for one short second, and then burst into a howl: "Bwah!!! And my feet too!! The wind is blowing right through them! Boo hoo hoo!" I took him into the house, and we took his boots off - to find that they were full of water and about 3 cups of melting snow in each. His feet were bright red and very sore from the cold.

After some relaxing in a warm bath, all was right with the world again.

But if I hadn't asked him if he was cold, he wouldn't have even noticed. Kids are so funny.


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