Thursday, October 27, 2011

Squirrels Should Know Better

Last night we thought the laptop had given up the ghost forever. With two years of family photos on it, not backed up. Squirrels should know better.

Today, Jimbo got it working somehow, and we're back up! Now we need to find some back-up discs in this renovation mess, so we can save those photos.


Sprout and I were on our own for supper tonight, so we ventured forth on a bus adventure. I think kids should take the city transit bus often, so that they know how to do it when they are grown up. And the bus is fun!! You can sit at the front, you can sit at the back, you can sit sideways, there are people to watch, there are bells and lights and signs. We took the bus over the bridge and had burgers at the Broadway Cafe.

Nothing like a little bus adventure to build up an appetite.


We have baby fish in our aquarium, and yesterday they were two weeks old. (There are only two of them, because I think the rest got eaten while we were working on that first day.) We scooped them out the day they were born and put them in a little segregation tank, which is why the frogs and other fish have not yet eaten them. The two babies are fraternal fish twins, not identical. One is already twice the size of the other, and the bigger one is grey while the petite is orange.

I can't figure out when to let them loose into the bigger tank. They still look like snacks to me, so perhaps in another two weeks or so, they will be ready to tackle the wild kingdom.


Today I had one of those days at work where you actually get a bunch of niggly little jobs done and over with. It was very nice. Now if I had three of those in a row, my office would be shiny like new. Fat chance of that happening.

Next week we've got a new staff member starting a job with us, which means I return to training and orientation mode. Lucky for me, I'm getting pretty good at training and orientation mode, so it shouldn't hurt too badly.


This squirrel is in hibernation mode - bring on the nine hours of sleep! zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


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