Thursday, May 27, 2004

Blog Shopping

Okay, so there are a LOT of blogs out there. My homework for my blog/RSS course is to get an account with a blog reader, and subscribe to 15 blogs/RSS feeds. I was browsing through a massive list of blogs last night, and it's like shopping in a magazine store where most of the magazines are odd or dull. Who knew that there were hundreds of personal librarian weblogs?? I don't watch TV, but it must be like the '500 channels and nothing on' phenomenon.

Although it is mildly fascinating to think about knowing what so many librarians are thinking all at once.

Brings to mind that lovely library scene in Wings of Desire where the presence of all the angels in the library creates a celestial sort of musical hum. Hopefully so many librarians thinking all at once would be melodic. Who can say.

"There's a kind of shush, all over the world tonight, all over the la la"

Have been wondering if stories about small-town Saskatchewan stray too far from the 'library squirrel' oeuvre. Have decided that to understand the squirrel you must understand the social context of the squirrel and the history of the squirrel.

A seminal personality in the history of this squirrel is my Aunt Frieda.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

me want to understand the history of the squirrel! yeah, what"oeuvre", man.

12:16 am  
Blogger liz said...

Oooh! Me! Sign up to read my blog.

Yes, I know--I'm a complete stranger, and you probably already have your 15. However, you should know that yesterday I actually *scratched a squirrel behind the ears* for approximately 60 seconds before he'd had enough. (Creative use of multiple peanut bribes.) It felt a lot like a very small cat, or large lab rat, if you must know.

Also, despite my having boring entries, I have some that are *not* boring...involving--well, stuff.

Okay, it's true that my posting goes fallow at times due to my being a fourth-year graduate student who sometimes has to use her free time to shower. But right now I'm a postin' fool!

4:32 pm  
Blogger argotnaut said...

"that lovely library scene in Wings of Desire"

This is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen in my life (or the first half, at least) I wanted the b/w part to go on forever.

I saw this in a German Culture class, and was choking and snorting into my hankie the entire time -- right from the beginning.

After class, one of the students approached the teacher and asked, "Uh . . . can I bring in my German _Raiders of the Lost Ark_ next week?"

5:10 pm  
Anonymous Prashant said...

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