Friday, September 17, 2004

Arrrrr - Pirates

Okay, after some dull blogging yesterday, have just remembered something maybe more amusant. Sunday is 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day! Arrrr. Have just found out that my pirate name is Commodore Drunk Eye. Thank God there's something to keep me amused on a Friday afternoon (if not actually drunk...)


Blogger liz said...

Now that my laptop is up and running, Simon introduced me to a new activity in bed: wireless net-surfing!! How decadent. Anyway, we generated ourselves some pirate names and laughed ourselves silly.

--Lazy-Eye Sally

12:29 pm  
Blogger liz said...

Now it's your turn to have your site pirate-converted:

" This be Not an Acorn

I don't know if all libraries be like this, but staff in me
library love t' put up signs Sometimes it seems like thar be so
many signs, that ye can't read the signs for the signs Me
favourite sign be this one:

This be not a footrest.

This be a sign that has been put on a low-lyin' ledge o' one o'
our microfilm readers. (Aaaarrrhhh!!!) If ye put yer feet on it,
ye could break it, so the sign has a valid reason for existin'.
(AAARRHH!!!) It's just such a silly sign!

I am easily bored (like every 10 minutes), 'n one o' the many
ways I cope be t' create fake signs in me head, inspired by the
non-footrest Me telephone: this be not a banana The prow o' the
public information desk: this be not a bulkhead. (Gangway!)
Meself: this be not a librarian."

9:07 am  

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