Monday, January 17, 2005


I haven't blogged for days. It's so cold here that I think I'm hibernating (sound squirrel behaviour, really). I merely eat, sleep, work, and follow my toddler around, bleary-eyed. It's actually so cold here, and dry, that my fingers are splitting. Boy howdy, does that hurt. Now that I'm on the super vitamin-E regimen, however, it's all sorting itself out.

Today it's pretty warm, actually, if you compare it to last week. I think Friday was -45 with the wind chill (that's -49 for you Americans). Zut. That's cold.

Prairie people take fierce pride in surviving weather like this. This is the climate of extremes. It's either -45 in the winter, or +38 in August. Why do we live here? I don't know. But don't get us started, bragging about the weather. We like to talk tough.


Blogger liz said...

Ah, yes, we're having finger-splitting cold here, as well. Thanks for reminding me about the vitamin E.

1:14 pm  

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