Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sprout, the Intrepid Traveller

Sprout is an excellent traveller. And this should not surprise me, since from his early days, he has always been happiest when we were out and about doing things. It didn't matter if it was a ride on the bus or a walk to the corner store, if he could be out seeing/smelling/hearing new things, he was a happy fella.

He did great in Vancouver, therefore, and was his usual charming self. The only moments when he fared poorly were when we would wake him up early from his nap (can you blame him) so we could go somewhere. Then he would look around the room, and wail, "I wanna go hooooooome!" Once he was dressed and out the door, of course, this quickly turned into "What's dat?", or "Dat's a bus, Mummy!" It was really fun to have him along.

We did some serious shell-hunting on the beach, and every day now he gets out his little bin of treasures and paws through them.


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