Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Public Retraction

I have just edited Floyd's Index, because Jim says that he doesn't use the 'C' word. "It is a word that is offensive to all females, and I don't use it."

The 'C' word, when used in renovations to denote a measurement, is an expression that he has heard other people use and he told me about it once. Somehow my fuzz brain stowed it and brings it out each time we renovate, with statements like "Now don't used the 'C' word!" People who grew up in Lead.r are doomed to have brains and mouths filled with filthy words.

I publicly apologize for attributing this expression to Jim. Not that we're fighting about it. He just didn't want all of you to think that he's a complete boor. 'Cus he's not.

Off to Day 2 of the deck building project. (He's stiff and sore, and I'm covered with bruises from hoicking the manual post hole digger. Yee haw.)


Blogger Eileen said...

I hate the C-word as much as the next girl, but I admit to having a jolly laugh over that bit. I recall being teased as a teenager for being horrified when my friends used the C-word. That's just how it were back in them good ole days. Gaaaaaa.

3:34 pm  

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