Thursday, October 20, 2005

Go Mau

When Sprout was littler, I used to say "Sprout, would you like to go to the mall?" and he would respond, "Yes. Go mau!" Going mau always seemed to mean wander, snack, look at stuff, do a little aimless shopping, ride in the little fibreglass car with purple Barney.

Well, tonight I was doing the 5-9 stint of 'Library at the Mall'. It was busier than last week, but the people were more rushed - less time to stop and chat. This was a more upper-middle-class neighbourhood than last time, and you could tell that people worked all day and just didn't really want to tax their brains any further. 'Yes, Library Lady, you may talk me into entering your draw for a free prize, and I might let you tell me about one groovy online service, but that's about it.'

They just wanted to go mau.


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