Thursday, October 06, 2005


I have no good coherent stories. But, of course, there is that pressure to blog and keep up with the written output of certain Ontario furniture school students.

I probably have no good stories because I am working like a mad person at work. The Mall Tour project is coming along nicely, with daily tweaking, and I've finished some of the computer classes that I committed to recently. Other classes loom in the near future, such as a staff training session on 'searching the invisible web', and the new-to-me portion of 'advanced internet searching'.

I am going to cover the 'future trends' portion of our invisible web class for staff, so today I have been having fun(?) with Google Scholar,, and the OCLC Open WorldCat project. I don't know that much about them, so the class will be another case of the blind leading the blind, but if I give everyone a sense of what might make the invisible web more visible, then maybe they can take it from there.

In other news, I get to write an article for our Library News magazine about our new Subject Guides, and I have no creative bones in my body today. Must dash out for chocolate, which is a near substitute in a pinch.


Blogger Alane said...

Miss Gwen; you could shoot us an email asking about Open Worldcat. Save you some time and we'd be happy to pass on any amount of words.

8:57 pm  
Blogger Gwen said...

Thanks Alane, I just might do that!

10:54 am  

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