Friday, June 30, 2006

The Friendliest Corner

Yesterday morning I took the bus to work, and waiting for the bus I found myself on what seemed the friendliest corner on earth.

Every stranger who passed me greeted me with "Good morning!", or "It's a beautiful day, isn't it?", or at least a genuine smile. This doesn't always happen in Saskatoon, so I did start to wonder if I had jam on my face or something. But indeed, I think it was just the glorious weather. City Park can be so very beautiful on a sunny day in the Summer.

The only person who didn't greet me all-friendly-like was the bus driver. Huh.

His loss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

City Park is a very lovely neighborhood. I lived for many years in North Park, just across the tracks (literally!) and people there are not as friendly as in City Park. I think there are two reasons for this. North Park has more rental houses and a more transitory population, where you don't really get to know your neighbors. Also, North Park has sidewalks that abut directly to the street, while City Park has grassed boulevards. This means if you happen to be sitting on your front step and someone walks past, they are close enough that they cannot just ignore you. They say hello. When the sidewalk is out as far as the street they can look past you and ignore you.

Just my ideas on the spur of the moment.

10:49 pm  

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