Friday, August 18, 2006

Squirrel on Ice?

It is very possible that the curling team that was once "Librarians on Ice" may resurrect itself, with a slight membership change! We curled for a few years recently, but I dropped out to have a baby. Now maybe we're on again! I am currently recruiting folks, and am shopping for a rink with appropriate times and reasonable fees.

And, Good God, let's hope they serve Boh in their fine drinking establishment - or we may have to return to the end of the earth rink by the train station (great people and great beer, but a bit of a hoof from where we all live)!

I am not very sporty, but Gawd I love curling. It's just the perfect combination of physical activity, cunning calculations, game of chance, cameraderie, and beer. And stupid sweaters, if you can get them. Gawd I love it.


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