Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Health Conditions

If I weren't hosting all the consumer health programs that I go to, I'd start to worry about being a hypochondriac.

Last year it was the all-day arthritis forum. The year before that, it was a presentation on Alzheimer's Disease. This month alone, I've been to a brain program, a walking-poles-for-falls-prevention program, and today osteoporosis and bone health. (Not to mention the funeral pre-planning workshop last week.) I'm tuned in, boy howdy.

Today I learned that bone breaks down and regenerates your whole life. All the bone cells in your body are replaced every X years (sorry, the host's mind wandered for a split second right then, during the presentation). Weird, huh? Which is, of course, why you can build bone with good nutrition and exercise at any point in your life. Somehow I always thought that you built bone until you stopped getting taller, and then you stopped building bone. Myth!!!, as the health nurses like to say.

The funniest thing about hosting all these health programs is that they always say the same four things. Eat well. Get lots of sleep. Exercise. Laugh and socialize. They say this for arthritis. They say this for brain health. They say this for bone health. They say this for depression. Not rocket science.

You'd think I'd be running for the treadmill daily, with this sort of repeated insider information. Hey, guess what - I'm going to bed.


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