Friday, May 28, 2004

Squirrels in Pop Culture

I used to be so hip. I was this groovy, vintage-clothing wearing, music-listening, theatre-going, bellydancing long-haired librarian-to-be. And now I'm so NOT hip. If I manage to comb my hair and clothe myself in the morning, I am doing great. My husband kindly assures me that I'm still fabulous (thanks Jimbo), but I surely haven't heard of the White Stripes.

My good friend T (I suspect she's a squirrel) has sent along this bit of pop culture...

In case you need some squirrel material for your blog:

The White Stripes - Little Acorns

Take all your problems And rip 'em apart oh oh uh uh oh Carry them off In a shopping cart oh oh uh uh oh Another thing You should've known from the start oh uh uh uh uh oh The problems in hand Are lighter than at heart oh uh uh uh oh oh Be like the squirrel, girl Be like the squirrel oh oh uh uh oh Give it a whirl, girl Be like the squirrel oh oh uh uh oh And another thing You have to know in this world oh oh uh uh oh Cut up your hair Straighten your curls Well, your problems Hide in your curls Oh oh uh uh oh Oh oh oh oh

What can it all mean. It is true that mundane problems are so much easier to deal with (where to get the next acorn) than problems of the heart (why do squirrels exist? what is the meaning of life in the tree?). "Give it a whirl". Hmm. Squirreling dervish?


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