Sunday, June 13, 2004

Everybody Get On the Ark!

[This post was from yesterday]

It's STILL raining here. Here, on the bald, dry Canadian Prairies. It's so green that it's starting to look like Lotus Land. Must start drinking low-fat double decaf vanilla chai espressos, and being really flaky.

Sprout loves to be outside, regardless of the weather. "Walk alley!" is his new favourite thing to say. Yes, the muckier the better. And he doesn't just want to walk in the alley, he wants to sit down next to the interesting puddles. We have compromised on wagon rides through the alleys of City Park, so I don't have to take him in and change his wet pants every 20 minutes.

Sprout had his first KFC last night. Yes, we are not only exposing him to traces of lead dust, we are exposing him to a tasty but poor lifestyle choice. His response? "More chicken! More chicken!" Once we have a kitchen again, we'll go back to the mostly Moosewood regime, but right now there's a lot of restaurant food going on.

Yesterday was Saturday, and while Sprout and I wandered the mall, bought groceries, walked the alleys, and had a fine little nap, the electrician wired the kitchen and Jimbo put in the insulation and vapour barrier. Today is our day off (pancakes at the Broadway Cafe!), and tomorrow we start putting up the drywall. Am wondering if I should put back the screwdriver artifact for good luck before we close up the walls. Something about good spirits in the walls. Hmm.

Inside the house, Sprout has become focused on pens and crayons ('kaylons'), which is a harrowing phase for me. If I say "pens are for paper" (a.k.a. pens are not for walls/furniture/Mummy's arm) one more time, I may self-destruct. When do the 'terrible twos' start? And when do they end?


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