Friday, June 11, 2004

Kitchen Renovations - Day 5

Wow, it's Day 5 already!

I have a tremendous sinus cold (aided and abetted by plaster dust, I'm sure), and so today I took it a bit easy.

I decided to call the Library and be a patron: got the skinny on small children and lead dust, and then proceeded to clean the entire house quite thoroughly. Sprout has none of the symptoms of lead poisoning, thank goodness, but we have the classic situation where kids get exposed (house built before 1960s, doing renovations). We're just going to tighten up some of our toy washing/hand washing policies and he should be fine.

Mr. F., the gas and furnace man, came and moved the hook-up for the gas stove, and Dennis the wonder plumber came to do a consult on the technicalities of a sink under a window on an exterior wall. John the cabinetmaker was here to consult on the height of the stove hood, so Jimbo could frame it in. So lots of to-ings and fro-ings.

After cleaning the house and varnishing a few cabinet boxes, I took a 3-hour nap while Jim framed the fume hood. There is nothing so good for the breastfeeding, co-sleeping mother as an undisturbed 3-hour solo nap, sinus cold or not. Man, it was good. Am feeling a bit better, although my squirrel tail is still a bit droopy and sad.

If it keeps raining through tomorrow, Jackson the electrician will come and do his thing. Once that is done, then we can insulate and drywall, and start thinking about installing some of those cabinets!

Since it's the weekend, Sprout and I will be hanging out a lot. Must come up with entertaining events, as prime baby social convenor. Yawn. Back to the sack, I think. This time, avec Bobo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope squirrel tail is less droopy and sad. sister squirrel very much enjoying reading of kitchen reno adventure, from very hot and green south east asian country!

6:41 am  

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