Monday, June 07, 2004

Kitchen Renovations - Day 1

Welcome to Day 1.

Well, I'm on the verge of getting Sprout's cold, and my arthritis is singing the old familiar crowbar-totin' tune, but I am one happy squirrel.

Today we gutted the south wall down to the studs, removing two - count 'em two - layers of drywall and plaster, a layer of fibreboard, and a generous portion of dirty, black, blow-in insulation. Hack, cough. Luckily, Jimbo thought to get the finest little particulate masks for us, so we may not die from black lung.

I fessed up today that I am a renovating dilettante. I love to be around it, and to have my say in what happens, but darn it, I wouldn't ever want to pay me by the hour to swing a crowbar. (I believe that Jim was onto me before now, but he is a kind and forgiving squirrel.)(He also values the fact that while we're renovating, I'll make him lunch and cheerlead when it all gets overwhelming.)(I do 'Pollyanna in Hell' very convincingly.)(Hey, why don't I put every sentence that I make from now on in parentheses??)


The huge (wrong) HUGE Loraas bin arrived this morning to take its place in the backyard. It is so big that we may have some difficulty getting into the garage. In truth, the bin is the same size as our garage. Jimbo thinks we'll fill it with reno rubbish, but I am skeptisch.

No more news on the kitchen. The day was just whack, whack, rip, rip, haul, haul. Forgot to mention yesterday, though, that I nearly lost the tips of two fingers while moving the fridge (squish!). That would have been the end of renovating for me. That small scare has been good, though, to sharpen up the communication skills between us, so we don't operate on each other unwittingly with the reciprocating saw.

Sprout sleeping much better tonight. Yay.


Blogger Eileen said...

Dear Squirrel:

am anxiously awaiting reno update! what of Day 2?!?


5:45 am  

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