Friday, June 25, 2004

Kitchen Renovations - Day 15?

Okay so I slipped finally on regular daily reporting. This must be Day 15, since I had 3 weeks of holidays and today is the last one (boo hoo).

We, and all our related tradespeoples, have been working like beavers (ack, is very hard to type with popsicle in hand). We now have cabinet boxes on both sides of the room, shingles on almost all of the exposed exterior, a service increase on our new main electrical panel, small electrical upgrades all over the house, and a few face frames in place on the cabinets (John installed the boxes, and then designs and builds panels to cover the outsides of the boxes - panels that fit our not-at-all square room). The panels (straight-grain fir) are soooo beautiful, and they haven't even been varnished yet. I said that we'll have to move out and let the fancy people live here. The kitchen is going to be too beautiful for hicks like us.

I got stuck with nothing to do a few times in the last few days, so yesterday I did my final coat of paint on the living room trim (an unfinished job now finished!), and today I dug zestfully in my front flowerbed (am still battling the purple devilweed). Good discoveries unearthed in flower bed today. First, I dislodged a large rock about a foot down, and then the rock went crashing down into the 3 foot deep hole under it! The hole was a round vertical shaft that my child would fit into, if he stepped into it. A foot below the surface! Too weird. John suggests that it was maybe once a posthole. Who knows.

And then my luck continued with the discovery of a fabulous yard artifact: a rubber severed child's finger. Ran up to Jimbo and put it in his hand. "Yelp!", he yelped, as soon as he realized what it was. Love finding artifacts. Am still looking for that elusive coin that will turn out to be worth $300,000 and will pay for our renovations. Hah hahahahaha ha hee. Hee.

Today is Jimbo's 49th birthday. It started out unfortunately: Sprout head-bonked him hard first thing. After a bit of thunderous swearing, the day just had to improve from there. Jimbo spent the whole day following the electrician around, learning about how to upgrade a house. This is what I love about Jimbo: he really likes to learn stuff like that. Birthday celebrations moved later to the Broadway Cafe (hot turkey sandwich), and Bobo ate like a little piglet. "Mo' 'tatoes!!" Mummy was very proud.

Aging boomers are so easy to buy birthday presents for. The White Album, what else?

"You say it's your birthday, na na na na na na" Happy birthday, Squirrel Boy.


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