Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Kitchen Renovations - Day 8

Day 8 was frustrating, since Jimbo now has the cold that Sprout gave us. Jimbo is currently in what I like to call the 'please kill me with a rock' phase of this cold. I have climbed out of the 'kill me with a rock' hole, but can still remember what it felt like.

Thus, Jimbo slouched around being a sad sack, and became my coffee gofer. I am plastering dude, with my four different plaster knives, my dusty ladder, and my ear-splitting bad radio station. I did not froth at the mouth today over the stupid wall, but instead transcended the stupid wall, arriving at plaster squirrel zen. And even without beer! (That would have been 'plastered squirrel zen')(hee).

Since we replaced the kitchen window, we had to rip all the siding off that part of the house. Today, we drove to Julius Cedar and dropped some cash on cedar shingles to re-side the house with.

Don't you love that name. Julius Cedar. Et tu, Jimbo?

One of my many dreams is to own the cedar store. It always smells so good in there (even with a residual 'please hit me with a rock' cold).

Have remembered that I am not done varnishing all the cabinet boxes. Have only finished the ones from one side of the kitchen. Today, thus, started all over again with the boxes from the other side of the room. Varnishing can be dull, but there was a huge pouring deluge during my time in the garage which kept me amused.

Will sign off now, since this squirrel is about to go hard on the plastering. Friday John comes to install the boxes, and I need to finish plastering, prime the walls, and give them time to dry before then. Ack! Get squirrel out of this rat race!

Or maybe, more chocolate would help me cope...?


Blogger liz said...

Now, if only it were *Orange* Julius Cedar...

(Oi, it's clearly much too late in the night for me to be commenting in people's blogs!)

12:34 am  

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