Tuesday, June 22, 2004

My Aunt Frieda - Lateral Thinker

My Aunt Frieda does not think like the average person.

She has 3 half-dead cars, which she refuses to part with. This means, of course, that she spends a lot of time broken down on the highway.

A few years ago, Aunt Frieda's car died an hour and a half from home, late at night. The car would start all right, but it would conk out as she drove along. She sat there on the highway for a while, thinking. "Suddenly," she said to herself, "What am I thinking!?! Maybe the car would go backwards!!" And indeed, if she started it and drove backwards for a while, then it would stay running and she could drive forwards for 15 or 20 minutes before it would die again. She made it all the way home like that, alternating between backwards and forwards.

Very clever, right, but who thinks like that???

That's my Aunt Frieda.


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