Monday, June 14, 2004

Kitchen Renovations - Day 6

Okay, the living without a kitchen sink is kinda getting to me... Last night, after doing a full hour of dishes in basins in the tub, I said, "Jimbo, we're pulling out the big guns. Disposable beer cups and plastic forks. Now is the time."

Today was supposed to be drywall and plaster day, until Sprout started getting the weird head rash again, and I had to take him to the doctor. He's a happy little sproutlet, but gets these bumps on his head every time he gets new teeth. Jimbo did drywall, and I managed to do the final coat on the cabinet boxes, but we didn't get to the plastering.

I am the appointed plaster queen around here. I said that I'm a renovation dilettante, but really, I rule when it comes to plastering. I'm certain that I owe it all to the cake decorating class I took when I was 12. Most of the skills are the same. One tastes better, of course. Plastering is better than cake decorating, though, because I'm not wasting my time making atrocious icing roses out of red dye #412.

Tomorrow I get on the plaster train, and may not get off until Friday. Plastering drywall is cake (hee hee), but the tough part is marrying the drywall to the remaining antique plaster walls and the plaster ceiling. There's a one-inch gap between the walls and the ceiling that I have to stuff with something before I can even plaster it. Perhaps I'll follow the ways of the house and stuff it with 2004 funny papers.


Blogger liz said...

As I learned from some very, very squalorous acquaintances in undergrad, the only good thing about doing dishes in the tub is that it forces one to wash them if one wishes to shower.

However, if the main reason one is doing them in the tub is that there are simply too many built up to wash them in the sink, then the chances that the "need" to take a shower will force one to do anything is pretty slim, anyway.

(These were also people who ended up getting food poisoning from reusing dirty plates by covering them in Saran wrap instead of washing don't try that particular trick! ;) )

4:30 pm  
Blogger Gwen said...

Omigod! Blech! That's an amazing story. My friend Tom once decided that he'd like a table with concave holes built into it so there would be no need for plates, and you could hose the whole thing down afterward, but the Saran-wrapped plates really take the cake.

9:20 pm  
Blogger liz said...

Any basis for the teething/bumps connection yet?

Maybe completely unrelated, but I myself tend to get a hive or two when I'm really stressed...then again, stress in general makes any inflammatory condition flare up, as I stated in the "Stress and Health" lecture to undergrads recently. So who knows.

However, I am pretty sure that each child invents at least one completely new disorder that no one ever figures out.

11:38 am  
Blogger Gwen said...

I don't have any hard science on the bumps-teething connection, but anecdotal wisdom says that babies get all sorts of things while they are teething. Their immune systems dip or something - and it's got to be stressful to get teeth for the first time. Glad I don't remember it!

9:21 am  

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