Friday, July 07, 2006

Tales from Small-Town Saskatchewan: The Glensite Wave

Waving from trucks. Who knew it had cultural properties?

Where I grew up in Lead.r, people spent a lot of time driving around town. Every time you passed someone else's vehicle, you would wave to them in the special Lead.r way: without removing your hand from the wheel, you would lift one finger off the steering wheel - slowly and with attitude - and then you would set it down again.

Now many years later, my sister moved to the town of Glensite, SK. In Glensite, they do things altogether differently! They still drive around town, mind you, but the wave is unique. To do a proper Glensite wave, you whip your whole arm straight up in a quick, smooth motion, with your palm facing backwards, as if you were throwing a very light ball upwards and backwards, and then you drop your arm back to its original position.

One fateful day after she had been living in Glensite for a while, my sister decided to show us what the Glensite wave looks like. She whipped her arm up. She dropped it down. Perfectly executed.

Unfortunately, she was wearing a little shorty shirt at the time, and flashed us her boob for one shocking split-second. Zut alors.

The Glensite wave. Not for the faint of heart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yes, direct from the heart of the saskatchewan darkness, quick call coppola!
"But there was no one driving the wave!"
"It was three feet off the ground when it came through that fence!"
"The wave was bad enough but what came after...better off dead, yeah better off dead"

(with apologies to perhaps the best "b" horror movie ever "THE CAR")

5:21 pm  
Anonymous lauveen said...

the CAR was pretty scary, but has anyone ever seen DEVIL DOG-HOUND FROM HELL? THAT was scary.

Actually I really meant to comment on the blog post though, not the comment. And I meant to say that wow those Glensite people have way too much energy.

3:41 pm  
Anonymous lauveen said...

why does the word verification thing have a wheelchair under it?

3:42 pm  

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