Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bootstrap Sprout

Here's what it takes to get me to blog: a friend has to quit her job, marry the sweetheart of her youth, and move to Australia. And yet, I still can't promise long term carry-through. Sigh.

The Sprout turns five this week, and he's a strapping big pirate, don't you know. My little library has started hosting free themed birthday parties (bookable storytime in disguise), and so one night this week I'm taking a holiday and Sprout's having a Pirate Party at the Library. Pirate-themed stories, a few games, and tons of fun. Tonight the little chef and I chopped apples, stirred batter, and whipped up a cake. On the weekend, there was an art-fest, where we concocted 'pin the parrot on the pirate' and giant 'Sprout's Birthday' signs. A fun time will be held by all. Or else. The plank with ye. Or a bit of keel-haulin'. Heh heh.

And it's not only a Pirate Party.

We don't want a lot of presents, so we said 'bring a food donation for the food bank instead'. We also don't want to load the kiddies up with chocolate just before bed, so it's all natural apple cake and milk for everybody. Wholesome treats; free party; wraps up early so everyone gets to bed on time; social justice; and a literacy fest. Wait one minute, you barnacled blackguard!! This ain't no pirate party! It's the 'yoghurt and sunshine communist birthday party', innit?!? I'm onto you.

Happy birthday, my Sprout.