Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hidey Burger

My last living uncle died a few weeks ago, and I took a trip with Sprout and my sister to the funeral. It was sad but fun, in the way large family get-togethers can be.

While driving through Saskatchewan to get to the funeral, we passed a small-town restaurant called "The Heidi Burger" and I remarked aloud at the name. Sprout responded by saying - very excitedly from the back seat - "What BURGER? Where did dey HIDE da BURGER?"

He was just starting to get restless after 2 hours in the car (I refuse to get a portable DVD player because I'm convinced that it's the beginning of Armageddon if I do), so we turned the "Hidey Burger" into a game.

Sprout would draw a picture of a restaurant with his markers and paper, and then hide a tiny burger-shaped dot somewhere in the scene. Auntie Bean and I would have to take turns trying to find the 'burger' in the picture. It was good for at least 30 minutes of amusement for all.

I was thinking that La Lauveen would have loved it altogether.