Sunday, November 06, 2011

I have Fish-ues

I have fish issues. Fish-ues.

When I finally saved some baby fish in my aquarium from getting eaten by the frogs a month ago, it seemed like such a good idea. I still have those two one-month old fry in a little segregated tank, growing bigger daily. They're so cute and watching them grow is so much fun, that I'm glad I did it.


But, yesterday five new baby fish were born. FIVE. So, I scooped them all up - the small-fry - and put them in the segregated tank with the big-fry. And then the realities started to settle in on me. Saving baby fish (baby fish hero, moi!) is courageous and kind. Ending up with more fish than you can handle is, um, foolish.

If all seven of these fish grow to the gigantagigamous size of their parents, then I will need another fish tank. And, taken to its logical conclusion, another tank and another tank and another tank.

Pretty soon I will be "the fish lady" and will make the newspaper as the police drag me - sobbing - and my 'fish children' out of here, to save my neighbours from the animal hoarding.

So, here are the options that lay before me:

* let all the babies out of the holding tank, and see what nature does in this little artificial microcosm. Perhaps the big-fry will survive?

* keep cramming new babies into the holding tank until it looks like a New York subway car

* embrace my new commitment to save all fish babies, and buy a new aquarium tank now where they can mature in lavish style

* stop saving fish babies unless someone bigger dies in the tank - the one-in-one-out rule of all decluttering specialists (I do have some neon tetras that are so old that they have shredded fins and cataracts)(you can almost see their little walkers and canes)

* start a sideline occupation, selling fish babies to the independent pet store guy. This will require tanks and tanks, but not too many. This will also require a more serious, researched approach than I've got going

I'm stumped. And quite the parent. Yup.